Blake and Frank with Vermin Supreme at the 2019 New Hampshire Liberty Forum
Blake and Frank with perennial candidate Vermin Supreme

Unsplit the Vote and Approval Voting sponsored the New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2019 put on annually by the Free State Project. Long-time Approval Voting activists Frank Atwood & Blake Huber flew out from Colorado. Besides Approval Voting itself, they promoted the books Gaming the Vote and Honeybee Democracy

Some 80% of the attendees already knew about Approval Voting. The high level of awareness no doubt reflected several past efforts. Since 2011, NH has seen four AV bills, including one this year. 

Frank and Blake being interviewed at the 2019 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Day 3 was the big one. Blake gave a brief presentation of Approval Voting to a lecture hall. Frank hosted the Legislative Cocktail Hour, and hobnobbed with NH legislators. Frank and Blake together had a 20-minute live-stream interview. It runs from about 1h 10m on the video that you can find on the Liberty Forum Facebook page:

Blake manning the stand the 2019 New Hampshire Liberty Forum